Cast iron happiness

cheesy garlic biscuits

Cheesy garlic biscuits: my first experiment with a cast iron skillet.

Confession: Until Friday night I had never used a cast iron skillet.

Growing up, my family had some form of pasta probably four to five times a week. My dad’s dad is from Italy so that was a pretty normal thing for us. I had never had okra until I started dating TK (and I still haven’t been terribly successful at making fried okra) and cornbread was rarely on the menu.

But, marrying into a Southern family comes with discovery of new things such as cooking with a cast iron skillet.

When TK’s dad and uncle came to help move some furniture, they brought several goodies. Friday I used two of the skillets to make a pretty decent meal.

First, I prepared some cheesy garlic biscuits. I had some frozen biscuits (no judging … I’m still a beginner cook) and put four of them in one of the skillets. Then, on each I put a slab of butter, some freshly minced garlic and some Parmesan cheese. Then I just put it in the oven around 375 degrees (had to hike it up to 400 to finish) and wait for the magic to happen!

After that I started on the main course: bacon Alfredo pasta. While the spaghetti was cooking I cooked some bacon in a smaller iron skillet, broke it up into some heated Alfredo sauce and mixed it all together. All in all it turned out to be a pretty good meal.

Like I said, I’m new to this whole cast iron skillet thing. Anyone know of any good recipes? I’m thinking about trying something new for Valentine’s Day … be on the lookout for that post!

bacon Alfredo pasta

I went pretty light on the Alfredo sauce, but the bacon really brought out some great flavor.


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