The apartment: before

I love seeing how people transform a house into a home. When friends move I always look at any Facebook photos intended to give a glimpse into their new abode. Maybe that’s strange, but DIY projects fascinate me.

I have not been much of a decorator in the past five or so years. I think most of that comes from the fact that I have moved a lot … from dorm to dorm, from apartment to apartment … and I haven’t really felt at home enough to put a whole lot of effort into making my space my own.

Things are about to change. TK has moved into our first apartment and I’ll be joining him after our wedding March 24. I can’t wait to make this place “ours” with some fun DIY projects and Pinterest suggestions.

Our parents have given us a lot of furniture to start out with. We’re so thankful for that! So … here is our apartment common area “before” photos (we’ve left out the bathroom and bedroom for now because they’re kind of a wreck). I’ll be updating as new things are done!

Also, the lighting in our apartment is just not terrific. That’s one thing on our list to fix!


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