That’s amore

“Whoa! It’s smoky in here!”

Unfortunately that’s the first thing TK said to me on Valentine’s Day this year. And that’s not his fault at all. I’m sure he was excited to be home after a long day at work to eat a meal I had been talking up all day, but instead he was greeted by a smoky apartment and a fiance running around the very small kitchen like a chicken with her head cut off.

You see, I planned a special meal of pasta carbonara from this  recipe I found on Pinterest. In preparing the meal I burned the bacon, didn’t have enough counter space and almost cut off my thumb – twice.

Luckily, my gracious fiance said it tasted pretty good and I couldn’t argue with him on that.

In addition to the pasta I tried to make these lovely rolls. Mine did not turn out as pretty. I think I bought the wrong kind of rolls to begin with because after three hours they still hadn’t risen.

They look okay if I got really close to them, but not nearly as pretty as the photos with the recipe!

Luckily, everything was edible and we had a good evening. We ended up watching Alcatraz on Hulu, a show we both really like.

I was looking forward to showing off some awesome food in this post, but I guess I learned something a little more important.

TK was so thankful for everything I did – burned bacon and all. He told me not to worry about the dishes. He let me sit on the couch like a bum, pick the show we watched and he even got up to get my drink because I left it in the dinning room. He probably thanked me five times for dinner and then walked me to my car because it was dark out.

It wasn’t the grand gestures of romance often displayed on Feb. 14. It was the little things that he does on an everyday basis to show me he loves me.

And that – ladies and gentlemen – is amore.


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