I want a dog

A photo from Christmas 2009 of Choice and my brother (who was being oddly dramatic).

Honestly, that’s no secret. I have wanted a dog for a long time now. My family had a precious dog for years who we had to put down a little over a year ago. Her name was Choice and she was my grandmother’s dog. We got her when my grandmother was diagnosed with colon cancer. She was the sweetest dog ever.

And now I want another one. TK and I are waiting until we get settled and can kind of figure out our finances, but I’m hoping some time in the near-ish future we’ll get a dog.

Today just fanned the flames when I was sent to the Atlanta Humane Society to take photos of some high schoolers volunteering. Our newspaper works a lot with the local humane society but this was my first time going over there.

I didn’t take one home, but I did find out the dates of the next two volunteer training days. I think after the wedding I’m going to start volunteering so I can get my puppy fix until we can afford one of our own. Besides, TK and my schedules are kind of opposite each other so this might be a great thing to do when he’s still at work.

Someday I’ll have a post featuring our own dog … but until then I’ll be content with the little puppy interactions I get here and there!


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