A twist on good ol’ pizza

TK loves pizza and I love easy recipes, so this was a hit last night. The recipe I used called it “Bubble Up Pizza,” another one of my Pinterest finds.

TK’s parents gave us a whole lot of food when his dad came down to help move furniture, including two or three gallon-sized bags of frozen biscuits. All I did was cut about 10 of those biscuits into four pieces each, tossed it with pasta sauce and mozzarella cheese, put the mixture in the iron skillet and baked at 350 degrees after topping with more cheese and some Italian seasoning.

“Bubble Up Pizza.” Really easy and really delicious.

It was really light and flavorful. And easy!

I think next time We’re going to add some toppings (pepperonis, olives, mushrooms on my half, etc.) before we bake it. I also think I’m going to crank up the heat next time because it took a while for it to bake and it probably could have been cooked even a little longer.

On a side note, I’ve noticed we eat a lot of carbs – pasta, pizza, bread in general – and we haven’t been eating a whole lot of veggies. TK isn’t too keen on the green but I love vegetables. Does anyone know of tasty veggie dishes that even a slightly picky eater might enjoy? Our best solution so far has been stir fry but we might like to try some new things as well.


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