It’s not ‘I’ anymore; it’s ‘we’

I’ve been trying to be good about updating this blog on a regular basis, but the next couple weeks are going to be crazy because of all the wedding and honeymooning I’ll be doing. Priorities, people.

My grandparents are in town visiting before the wedding takes over our lives. They’ve been married 53 years now and have always been an example to me of how a marriage should work. Last night TK and I sat with Grandma and Grandpa just chatting about life.

I think you have to go to the experts to get good advice. If you want advice on photography, don’t go to someone like me who has been shooting for four years – go to a seasoned professional. If you want marriage advice, your friends who have been married a year might be able to tell you something and some guy who’s been divorced a couple times probably can tell you the wrong way to do things – but if you really want solid advice go to the “professionals.”

Grandma and Grandpa had a few key pieces of advice I found helpful. It’s all stuff I’ve heard before but to hear my grandparents say it made it that much more special.

Grandma told me to love TK more than I love myself and told TK to do the same with me. It may not be easy 100 percent of the time, but it makes sense.

Grandpa told us that he came up with a slogan for marriage: It’s not “I” anymore; it’s “we.” We’re going to be our own little family and we need to work together. Again, pretty standard, right?

We also got to hear a lot of stories from when they were dating. Grandma claims to have brought the romance out of Grandpa but he totally denies being lovey-dovey back in the day. I didn’t say that stuff, did I? No, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t romantic.

They have no problem showing how much they love each other through their words and actions. They don’t talk bad about each other to friends and family, they love spending time together and they don’t mind letting everyone know they’re still in love.


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