The new ‘real life’

A month ago TK and I were on the road to Disney World for our honeymoon. 31 days later we are back to “real life,” but it’s a very different real life than what we were used to.

We’ve started going to a church we both really like. I’m excited to get more involved, but we also know it’s very important to establish our little family and explore our marital dynamics before plunging ourselves into other groups and organizations.

TK’s been working on learning more computer-y things so he can take certification tests for his job. The first test he took he made a 97 percent. Yeah! That’s my smart husband!

I’m exploring more things at work including the use of multimedia in reporting. I’ve done two video reports and, while they’re not award-winning pieces of work, they’re not bad for a newspaper that has (as I understand it) never ventured into that realm. You can check out my most recent video report here.

People ask me how married life is. I don’t feel qualified to answer that, to be honest. I’ve been married for a month – and a week of that was in Disney World. I guess we’ve gotten used to the new “real life,” but we haven’t been through some of the things that show the strength of our relationship (unless you count the few times I’ve filled the apartment with smoke with my cooking – whoops!).

We’re happy. We like the new “real life.” My favorite time of the day is either headed home to see TK or getting the call that he’s left work and is on his way home. Sometimes it’s overwhelming when we look at what’s ahead in the (probably far) future such as kids, buying a house and other big things married couples go through, but for now we take it one day at a time. Sometimes those days include lots of laundry and dirty dishes, but some of those days include sleeping in, going out and just having as much fun as possible.

I know you’re probably so excited to read all about my little ol’ life (where’s my sarcasm font), but that’s all that’s really going on. I’m hoping to have some fun apartment projects to show off in a few days. Stay tuned!


(Also, on a completely separate note, do you like the new layout? I decided to change it up a bit. The photo at the top of the page is from our wedding. Daniel Stancil is amazing and you should check out the rest of the photos!)


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