Welcome to Moe’s?

For a long time TK and I have been talking about making huevos rancheros for dinner one night. I think this started back a few months ago when we were watching “Breaking Bad” on Netflix and they showed what I perceived to be huevos rancheros and for some reason we both thought it was the best thing ever.

This week while making our menu we decided that we should finally do it. We went to the store and made sure we had all the necessary ingredients – eggs, tortillas, black beans, etc. A couple nights ago I was getting ready to make it for dinner when I realized something.

I really had no idea what huevos rancheros were.

Our “huevos rancheros.” Mine is in front with cheese, black beans, a fried egg, rice and salsa. TK’s is in back with cheese, scrambled eggs, black beans and rice.

I mean, I knew generally what they consisted of – we already bought the ingredients! – but I didn’t really know what I was about to make.

In the end, we kind of made burritos with eggs, black beans, cheese, rice and whatever else we wanted. TK wanted scrambled eggs and I wanted a fried egg, so we made it customizable.

While I was putting TK’s meal together he made a comment that because of how it was being put together he felt like we were at Moe’s (except for the fact that we were in our kitchen and actually doing the cooking).

Our meals were really good, but halfway through TK said something about how they would be even better if we took out the eggs and added some kind of meat. You know. Like a Moe’s burrito, not huevos rancheros.

But really, whatever we ate was really good. I don’t think we actually made our intended huevos, but we both were stuffed by the end of dinner!


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