Karla + Taylor

Well, I’ve been crazy busy this month. Like, whoa. I worked three Saturdays in a row (not really a big deal but it turned my five-day work week into a six-day work week with a slightly shorter day later on), started the name-changing process to officially become a “Spencer,” wrote some really neat stories for the paper, shot a video for the paper and shot a wedding with my husband this past weekend.

The beautiful rings!

The wedding was of our friends Karla and Taylor. TK and Taylor grew up together and are part of the same crazy group of friends I simply refer to as “the guys.” They are the most fun and caring group of people I’ve met and they make any gathering – including weddings – a blast.

Since I haven’t been great about updating lately, I’ll go ahead and give you some samples of this wedding. Again, very fun! TK and I haven’t shot a wedding since August so we had to practice last week a bit.

Side note: I’ll never say that the camera makes the photographer, but we rented some nicer equipment (a Canon 5d mark II, a 70-200mm, an 85mm, a 50mm macro, a 35mm and a flash) and it really did help our photos. On a normal day I shoot with a 7d and either a 50mm 1.8 or a 28-135mm 3.5-5.6. My plan is to invest in a flash and then some new, sharper glass. And then hopefully that beautiful 5d mark II I’m in love with now…

Meanwhile, check out some of these photos!


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