The good, the bad and the ugly

(This post also could be called “I know I haven’t posted in a long time and this is what I’ve been doing.”)

The Good


I’ve been reading a lot more, folks. And here’s a confession: Growing up I never actually read the “Harry Potter” novels. Yep. Just never did it. I was reading other things when they came out and then just never really had any kind of desire to read them (except this one time when I was in improv and I was supposed to be playing Quidditch, which, of course, I had no idea how to act out.) So I’m reading those as a break from super serious books about the First Amendment and HTML and such. Hey, it’s election season and I need a break when I get home!

Family and fishies!

TK’s parents came to town for July 4 and we got to hang out with them for a few nights! I’m lucky in that we live pretty close to my parents and I get to see them with just a short drive a couple towns over, but TK’s parents live several states away and it was nice to see them. We went to the Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coke and had a blast! We also went out for hibachi (where our chef was a Hispanic man) for the Fourth, so I’m fairly certain we were incredibly culturally confused that day.

Donkeys, Elephants and TSPLOST

As I’ve already mentioned, it’s election season here in Georgia. I’ve been covering local races, transportation referendums and conveniently-timed political announcements for a while now and with the primaries Tuesday we’ll have the results for several of these races! I will be happy when the votes are cast and the results are in. Also, in my nerdy journalist way, I’m pretty excited about being in the office on election night so we can report on these races. Nerd? Yes. But you probably already knew that.

The Bad

Fitness fail

Once upon a time I was super excited about training for and running a 5k. Then the crazy-hot Georgia weather kicked in where it was in the 80s and 90s AT NIGHT (not to mention 112 during the day), followed by several weeks of thunderstorms. So I kind of stopped running. There is a 5k in September I still want to try and run. Maybe if I start now I’ll be able to do it!


Yes, I’ve self-diagnosed myself with can’t-finish-a-project-itis. I have a giant “S” I am in the process of painting to hang on the wall above our bed. I’ve been in this process for about two weeks now. I also have lots of ideas that I just need to do. Hopefully I’ll have updates for you soon.

The Ugly

I’m not quite a model

Once upon a time I got a gift card to an online boutique and gleefully visited the site to pick out my prize. I was so excited and got a dress that looked wonderful on the model. When I got it, however, it didn’t look so good on me. The sizing guide said to purchase a size smaller than usual, but it was still too big for me. And you know how something looks awesome on a model and it doesn’t look at all like that on you? The model for this dress looked like she was effortlessly sailing on a grand boat in this beautiful yet carefree dress. I looked like Primrose Everdeen from “The Hunger Games” playing dress-up in Katnise’s reaping dress. Oh well! I’ll be exchanging that one in for another dress and hopefully redeem this unfortunate online shopping disaster.


This past weekend I visited friends up in Richmond, Va. Be on the lookout for a post on our fantastic food and friendship adventure.


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