September: new month, new goals

It’s September, a glorious month that starts out with a three-day weekend and will (hopefully) bring about cooler weather making it appropriate to wear long-sleeve T-shirts and eat soup all the time. Yes, I love warm weather, but I’m kind of sick of it right now. Bring on the brrr!!

The past few months have been up and down as far as goals I set for myself. At one point I was running (well, walking/jogging) three times a week, eating better and taking time to read and continue learning new things. Then I stopped. No reason, just got busy and went into a funk where I’d rather eat ice cream than go for a run/jog/walk. Then TK and I were working out together and he was encouraging me to read and learn new things. Then I would do well and before I knew it I was watching endless streams of random Netflix shows eating more ice cream (are we sensing a pattern here?)

But it’s a new month, new season and another chance to get back on track! To make it easier for myself I have set out some goals for September:

1. Start running again.

I have put a running schedule into my computer’s calendar which alerts me on the days I’ve said I would run. I’ve already gotten an alert that I need to run tomorrow – I can see this getting annoying but maybe I’ll actually stick with it this time! If I do stick with it this time I should be ready to run a 5K by mid-October! I know I’ll feel better just in general if I actually do this.

2. Learn at least two healthy crock-pot recipes.

I love my crock pot but I don’t utilize it enough!! Seriously, it’s so great to put together a bunch of ingredients and walk away for a few hours not having to worry about dinner! I’m really hoping Georgia weather decides to cooperate with normal seasonal patterns and get cooler this month so we can do some delicious soup recipes in the crock pot. Mmm! That being said, I’ll be doing some research on some recipes that are both healthy and utilize this nifty time-saving gadget. Does anyone out there have any ideas? I’m kind of concerned about sodium in a lot of the recipes I’ve seen so I’d like to be mindful of that. Let me know if you have some suggestions!

3. Watch some football.

What? Angela is making it a GOAL to watch football?? I know that’s what a lot of people are thinking if they read this – I’m not really the most sporty person ever. I have been known to call halftime “intermission” and the 4th quarter of a football game the 4th inning (whoops). But Friday I had an interesting experience – I had to shoot video/photos at a local high school’s football game. I could follow the game well enough to do my job (check out in a couple days for my work!) but I didn’t feel like I had a 100 percent grasp on what was going on. So, I need to watch some football. I’m sure TK will be devastated when he finds out this is one of my goals (where’s my sarcasm font?).

4. Continue learning more about HTML/CSS.

If you follow me on Twitter (which, you know, would be pretty cool of you. There’s a button to the right if you’re interested.) you may have seen a few months ago when I got a book that basically serves as a beginner’s guide to HTML and CSS. I was reading it for a while and was learning the basics of building a website but got distracted by other things. So now, here is my goal: I want to work through a chapter a week. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to actually do something with this new knowledge!

5. Join my church in reading the New Testament.

TK and I recently got involved in a new church where we have already made new friends and learned new things during the sermons. They made an announcement last week that the church had a schedule to read the New Testament through a few chapters a day starting in September. TK and I have decided to do this and I’m very excited about it. I’ve often tried to read through the Bible but sometimes the books of the law in the Old Testament weigh down on me and I stop somewhere between Numbers and Deuteronomy. I’ve been doing a study of the book of James (which I’ve really enjoyed) so I’m excited to study the New Testament more thoroughly.

So, those are my goals. Quantitative, simple, life-enhancing goals. I’m also trying to keep up with these goals by tweeting occasionally when I’m actually working on them! I’m using the hashtag #SeptGoals, so if you see those on my tweets know that it all comes back to this post. Also, if you don’t see that hashtag too much, don’t be afraid to call me out. As we can see from my track record I sometimes need motivation to stick with a goal.

In the process of doing these things I’ll also be decorating my apartment a bit more (you know, just in time for our lease to be up) and posting those photos. TK and I are taking advantage of this long weekend and have some projects in process right now. Can’t wait to show you more later this week!

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