Our First Christmas

Merry Christmas, friends! I hope you all had a fantastic day yesterday. TK and I definitely had a wonderful day full of friends, family, food and gifts (I really wanted to carry that alliteration out but oh well!)

As our first Christmas as a married couple we felt this one was pretty special. Like many newlyweds we didn’t have a ton of decorations (or a place big enough to decorate) but we did have a Charlie Brown tree.

In the past few weeks I’ve been telling people we had a Charlie Brown tree and I don’t think they always understood me. No, it wasn’t a sad tree from the Christmas tree farm. It was a legit Charlie Brown tree.

Even though it was tiny and didn’t smell like a real tree (my favorite part about real trees), it was perfect for us and I loved having it. I am also glad we’ve opened our presents so I can have my kitchen table back 🙂

We had dinner with my parents on Christmas day, so I made a special dinner for the two of us Christmas Eve. We had rock cornish hens with rice stuffing and roasted okra. Mmm! I’ll be posting recipes later this week!

We also watched several Christmas movies, blending traditions from both of our families. I love Christmas movies, and I really think “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is the one mainstream movie that actually gets it. Yes, family, traditions and generosity are all wonderful things associated with Christmas, but Christ is what Christmas really celebrates.

TK and I gave ourselves dollar limits on what to get each other for Christmas this year. I think we both made out pretty well. Right now I’m sipping on some specialty blend tea he got for me (yep, he’s a keeper). I also have a fantastic journo-nerd book “The Secret Man” by Bob Woodward. Ahhh!! I’m so excited to read all about Deep Throat and the Watergate scandal!! (Hi, my name is Angela and I’m a nerd.)

Among a few other things, I got TK the complete digitally remastered collection of the three “Godfather” movies. Those are his favorite movies and I was so excited to find them! I also got him this pretty awesome mug:

TK's Christmas mug.

TK’s Christmas mug.

Be on the lookout for my cornish hens recipe. TK said it was probably one of the best meals I’ve made, so that made me very excited! In the meantime, Merry Christmas!


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