Goals: 2013

Happy New Year, friends!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

TK and I spent New Year’s Eve evening with some friends playing games and eating an array of delicious food. Good start? Yes, I’d say so. Unfortunately, yesterday was not a joyous start of 2013 after I had to take sweet little Kora to the emergency vet after her (soon to be former) vet overloaded her on unnecessary vaccines (Side Note: I highly suggest avoiding Banfield Vet Hospitals).

Now that Kora’s back to normal and life has continued moving with 2013, I guess it’s time to make some goals. I always hesitate making “resolutions” because I tend to be too legalistic with such things and then fall flat on my face when I make unrealistic expectations. A few years ago I did make it a goal to cut out all soda products and I have kept that one for a while now (I may have had a ginger ale on a plane trip this year, but that’s pretty much it).

This year I am going to make a few realistic goals that I can keep up with throughout the year. Then, in about 363 days I’ll look back and see how I did!

So, here they are:

goal 1This year I am going to read at least two books per month. 24 books in one year is not a big deal. I already read a lot (I love my Kindle and iPad for when I’m on the go) so hopefully that shouldn’t be a problem! I already have a ton of books I want to read, including the book TK got me for Christmas. Luckily I like a variety of books (non-fiction, fiction, science fiction, classics) so I shouldn’t get bored. When I was in fifth grade I read every single Nancy Drew book – I read one a day and was in the school library every morning – so as long as I get caught up in the book I’m good with reading through.

goal 2In 2013 TK and I are going to incorporate more “real foods” in our diet. This includes more fruits and veggies and less food that comes in a box. I’ll also try my hand at making some common staples so we can avoid more processed foods. For example, this weekend I whipped out the old pasta roller and made my own fettuccine. All it took was eggs, flour, a little salt and some time. By the way, it was delicious! I’ve got a recipe for English muffins I’m going to try next.

goal 3I have to get a photography website up this year. I’ve had people ask me about shooting engagement photos and weddings and I need to get more information and examples on the web. This year has been kind of crazy and I haven’t been able to venture into that as much (getting married and having an unpredictable work schedule has made it difficult to do a whole bunch of extra stuff) but in 2013 I want to get that website up and have some business cards made so I can start marketing myself. I would also love to get more photojournalism freelance work. We shall see what 2013 brings!

goal 4I am going to run at least one 5K. Okay, I know that sounds really whimpy – especially to all my runner friends out there – but I have tried several times to get into the habit of running and just have a hard time with it. So I want to at least run a 5K this year. Hopefully that will spur on more fitness goals!

goal 5This year, I’m going to work on unplugging my life. Okay, let me explain. I am in front of a computer screen all day at work. Then, I go home and watch TV with my husband. Then, before I go to bed I have to check Facebook, Twitter and whatever else I’m into at the time and then when I wake up I automatically check them again. And repeat. Every day. So, no more! I’m already starting to back off on the Facebook and Twitter addiction (still use them for work!) and will be backing off on TV as well. TK and I used to do a family silent reading time so we could just relax and read. I really liked that and don’t know why we stopped, so we’ll probably be reading more and spending more quality time together.

So that’s it. Seems doable. I’ll try to keep up and keep the blog updated with my progress in each of these goals!


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