January Reading Goal

goal 1In an effort to keep myself on track for my 2013 goals, I want to give you a quick update on my reading last month.

One of my goals for the year is to read at least two books each month. In January I finished the last two Harry Potter books and, in case anyone is confused, it was my first time reading them!

I know, I know; I’m a little late to the Harry Potter party. When the books first came out I was reading other things (I was working my way through all the Nancy Drew books then moved on to Anne of Green Gables) and then when I had a free reading moment I already felt a little behind. So, now that I’m a professional and have a little more time on my hands, I decided to pick these books up! I started the series in July and read the last two in January. It took me about three days to read the last book if that’s any indication of how much I liked it 🙂

There are some people out there who haven’t read the books and are thinking about it, so I’m not going to go into detail about them, but I did want to share some basic reflections.

First of all, the books are entertaining. I really enjoyed the characters and was anxious to see what happened to them. J.K. Rowling put so much detail into her writing it was easy for me to picture everything that was happening on the pages.

Second, I liked how everything wasn’t pretty. Harry wasn’t always a positive rose-colored-glasses type guy. He was normal. Heroic, but still human (er, wizard). Sometimes it bothers me when the protagonist is just perfect, so the realism across the characters was refreshing.

The last two books were definitely progressively darker than the rest, but it fit. It needed to be dark at times. And there was appropriate resolution at the end that made the story worth the read.

After I read each book, TK and I would watch the movie. The movies were really good, but as always the books were better. Some of the books (The Order of the Phoenix, for one) were way different. I had to catch myself from commenting every time something was different, but I still enjoyed the movies.

I’ll probably go back and re-read the books at some point. I’m also still waiting for an owl to bring me a letter from Hogwarts, but I think my time has passed for that opportunity.


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