Life lately


The jars from my most recent venture into canning. We have fresh-canned tomatoes for a while!

So, life has been crazy. In addition to chopping off my hair (see previous post), TK and I have officially moved from Georgia to Arkansas.

For a bit of background, TK grew up in central Arkansas and moved to Georgia right before we got married. A couple months ago we were toying with the idea of moving to Arkansas for a few different reasons (cost of living, opportunities, TK’s side of the family) and decided to casually start looking for jobs just to see what was out there.

Next thing we knew, we had interviews, job offers and an affirmative decision to move our little family! We’ve been here a couple weeks now and things have been great. We both like our jobs and we have enjoyed reconnecting with some of our Arkansas friends.

Kora has had lots of baths since we moved to a place where she can run in the mud!

Kora has had lots of baths since we moved to a place where she can run in the mud!

We’re still getting adjusted, but things have been great so far. A lot of people acted skeptical when I told them I was moving to Arkansas, but I’ve found a lot about our area that I like. Plus, Kora has loved having a yard to play in! She has discovered

the joy of rolling in the mud. Crazy dog! She’s also learned a few new tricks. She’s growing up so fast!

I’ve learned some new things, too. My father-in-law and I canned some tomatoes when I got here. It was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to can more fresh food. I think we’re making jam next … mmm!



3 thoughts on “Life lately

  1. Wow it is a small world. My hubby and I are considering Arkansas as one of our possiabel places to move to start our ranch (we want to raise goats, pigs, chickens (for eggs), and maybe eventually cows). Hubbys family lives there (we wouldn’t necessarly be too near them, but they are there) and we are conisdering it for the same reasons you did… opportunities, cost of living, there is family in the state. Good luck as you settle in and good for you not listening to the negative things others say. We get so many people say… you what to start a ranch to raise animals etc, isn’t that hard, or isn’t that a lot of work, or are you sure you can survive in a lower cost of living area, or jobs are so few there, etc. We are learning not to listen. Best of luck πŸ™‚

    • Best of luck to you, too! My in-laws have chickens and are considering other animals. I like where we live because the city is not far if you want a fancy date night or need a specialty store, but there’s a lot to offer outside of Little Rock as well.

      • That is what I have been told and Little Rock has jobs in my area as well as many of the surrounding towns. I know when we first start our ranch I will need to work off the ranch πŸ™‚ Chickens are fun and I cant wait to have other animals too πŸ™‚ Good luck to your in-laws and you with your ventures πŸ™‚

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