New experiences

This weekend was awesome! I had several new experiences and have started on some new goals. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s been going on.

1. I tried yoga for the first time.

And I’m still a little sore. I am not bendy at all. And I’m really not good at relaxing, especially when trying new things. But I found a Groupon for a local yoga studio and decided to try it out Saturday morning. I thought a few times about backing out and just going to Hobby Lobby or something, but I resolved to trying yoga. I enjoyed it and I’m trying to figure out when I can go again. Being a journalist doesn’t provide a regular schedule, so I have to plan week by week.

2. I went to the Arkansas State Capitol.

Arkansas State Capitol 1

After my yoga class TK and I went to  Little Rock. They keep the Capitol building open on Saturdays so you can just wander. It was pretty cool! I love how the different branches of government work, and the building was pretty too. Plus it was a beautiful day outside so we got to wander around the complex a bit. Love it!

3. I tried a horned melon.horned melon

We went to Whole Foods and – in a moment of spontaneity – purchased a horned melon. That was random! TK wasn’t feeling as adventurous when we got home to eat it, so I was alone on that one. It definitly had a strange texture and tasted like a cross between a lime and a banana. It wasn’t bad, but it felt like a lot of work and I don’t think I would spend that money on one again 🙂

goal 44. I signed up for a 5K.

So, this was kind of a mistake. I mean, I meant to sign up for a 5K, but I really thought I was signing up for one that was coming in November. Turns out I’m running a 5K in June instead! I’m doing the Color Me Rad run. I found a Groupon for it (which honestly contributed to my confusion – read your fine print, people!) and I started training today. We’ll see how this goes!


2 thoughts on “New experiences

  1. I’m also running the Color Me Rad in Springfield! Our race is in April. Good luck! I think it will be really fun!

    Also, I love yoga! I haven’t found a place to do it in Springfield and I really miss it. I think it really makes me much more tone without having to lift weights (I hate lifting weights). I had a hard time relaxing and felt insecure about how many old ladies were way better than me, but it got better after a few sessions. I hope you stick with it!

    • I’m excited about Color Me Rad! And I think it’ll be a good race to start with because it doesn’t seem super competitive as far as the actual running goes.

      And I’m definitely planning to stick with yoga. I am a perfectionist so when I went Saturday and didn’t know what I was doing I felt very insecure. Luckily the instructor I went to is wonderful and she made it easy.

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