July Reading Goal

So, once upon a time I was determined to read two books each month. And I did it for a few months, but then things went a little crazy and I fell off the wagon. I read in the months of April, May and June but I did not keep track of what I read (and — truth be told —  it wasn’t two books a month). But I’m back with two books I read in July.

Fahrenheit 451

This is another classic I probably should have read in high school but it was never assigned. It was a really interesting read about what could happen if we not only stop reading but consider reading a crime. Weird, huh? It was a short book and I wish I had more background on some of the characters. I could definitely see how this would fit  into a classroom setting with lots of analysis. I read a little analysis after reading the book and it was insightful. I’ll have to read the book again soon!


This was a really heavy book, especially considering some things in the news recently. “Room” is a book told from the perspective of a five-year-old who lives in a one-room shed with his mother. His mother is the victim of a kidnapper/abuser and the boy is the one blessing that comes from that abuse. I won’t go too much into the plot because I don’t want to give anything away, but it is so interesting to imagine how this little boy experiences such a limited life in a garden shed, yet he doesn’t know that it is limited. His mother does everything she can for him — teaches him to read, keeps him active, keeps him fed, protects him from her abuser. It made me upset for him and his mother and I cheered for them in whatever they did.


This summer has been a bit of a whirlwind. I am hoping to get more regular with my blogging a little later once things settle down. Things may be changing in our lives pretty soon, so with that cliffhanger I’ll sign off!