The new ‘real life’

A month ago TK and I were on the road to Disney World for our honeymoon. 31 days later we are back to “real life,” but it’s a very different real life than what we were used to.

We’ve started going to a church we both really like. I’m excited to get more involved, but we also know it’s very important to establish our little family and explore our marital dynamics before plunging ourselves into other groups and organizations.

TK’s been working on learning more computer-y things so he can take certification tests for his job. The first test he took he made a 97 percent. Yeah! That’s my smart husband! Continue reading

Men, women and the way we talk about each other

TK and I are getting married in 26 days (whoa!) and with our upcoming marriage I’ve been thinking a lot about the way I hear people talk about men and women personally and in the media. I’ve been trying to observe the language people use to talk about the opposite gender (or even in some cases people of their own gender) and how people/media promote stereotypes.

Now, this isn’t any kind of authoritative study. This is just a little of what I’ve observed and have been thinking about lately. Continue reading

So…I’m blogging again

I used to blog. To be honest, I saw it as a career necessity to reach my photojournalism goals. I think that mentality limited – in my mind – the content I put up. Honestly, I loved sharing those stories on the Web but didn’t really feel like I could put my own stories – life thoughts, boyfriend/fiance adventures, personal anecdotes – into the blog for fear of cluttering up the professionalism.

So here I am. This blog is more for random musings of a soon-to-be bride/working journalist/hopeful cook who occasionally has something to share. It may be frivilous or it may be deep – just depends on what’s going on in my life or in my crazy mind. Continue reading