Before and After: Dining Room

Goodness, TK and I had a fabulous and relaxing weekend and I feel ready to conquer the week! We probably should have done a little less movie-watching and a little more cleaning, but at this point I don’t really care. I know tomorrow is going to be crazy (the life of a journalist on Election Day) so I’m glad I got some relaxing in when I could.

A while ago I promised to show off some DIY projects I’ve been working on, so today I wanted to show you all my wonderful dining room decor!

This is a project I envisioned a long time ago. I wanted to put up a map with pins at various locations TK and I have visited. Then, I wanted photos around the map showing different memories at the different locations. Continue reading

Please don’t ask a photojournalist to do this…

People have asked me a couple times to do a certain task since I’ve been a working (photo)journalist – sometimes jokingly and sometimes with a straight face.

“Can you just Photoshop this for me?”

I know because of the Internet – between memes, trolls claiming any interesting photo is Photoshopped and the occasional and unfortunate photojournalist who does alter a photo – people know the capabilities of Photoshop and would love for me to give them a facelift or fix their sign in post-production.

Yes, I can. No, I won’t. Continue reading

Karla + Taylor

Well, I’ve been crazy busy this month. Like, whoa. I worked three Saturdays in a row (not really a big deal but it turned my five-day work week into a six-day work week with a slightly shorter day later on), started the name-changing process to officially become a “Spencer,” wrote some really neat stories for the paper, shot a video for the paper and shot a wedding with my husband this past weekend.

The beautiful rings!

The wedding was of our friends Karla and Taylor. TK and Taylor grew up together and are part of the same crazy group of friends I simply refer to as “the guys.” They are the most fun and caring group of people I’ve met and they make any gathering – including weddings – a blast.

Since I haven’t been great about updating lately, I’ll go ahead and give you some samples of this wedding. Again, very fun! TK and I haven’t shot a wedding since August so we had to practice last week a bit. Continue reading

…And we’re back

It’s been a while (much longer than I want to go between posts) but there was no way I was taking out the computer to blog while we were on our honeymoon!

Yep, we’re now married and I’m officially moved into the apartment. We went to Walt Disney World for the honeymoon and it was awesome. There was one little part where our car almost blew up because the guy who changed our oil left the oil cap off, but it was fixed and the rest of the trip was magical! Continue reading

I want a dog

A photo from Christmas 2009 of Choice and my brother (who was being oddly dramatic).

Honestly, that’s no secret. I have wanted a dog for a long time now. My family had a precious dog for years who we had to put down a little over a year ago. Her name was Choice and she was my grandmother’s dog. We got her when my grandmother was diagnosed with colon cancer. She was the sweetest dog ever. Continue reading