Our First Christmas

Merry Christmas, friends! I hope you all had a fantastic day yesterday. TK and I definitely had a wonderful day full of friends, family, food and gifts (I really wanted to carry that alliteration out but oh well!)

As our first Christmas as a married couple we felt this one was pretty special. Like many newlyweds we didn’t have a ton of decorations (or a place big enough to decorate) but we did have a Charlie Brown tree.

In the past few weeks I’ve been telling people we had a Charlie Brown tree and I don’t think they always understood me. No, it wasn’t a sad tree from the Christmas tree farm. It was a legit Charlie Brown tree.

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Festival of Holidays

‘Tis the season to be jolly! I know we’re still a few days from Thanksgiving and traditionally I don’t start celebrating Christmas until after I’ve watched Macy’s parade and eaten too much turkey, but the ladies at church had a fantastic holiday celebration this past week that thrust me into the holiday spirit!

Decorations at our table. Too cute!

My friends Megan and Tess decorated a beautiful table for the event. We got to relax, hang out with friends, sing some songs and get rejuvenated for the rest of the year.

My in-laws are coming down to celebrate Thanksgiving with my side of the family. That’s one thing I’m incredibly thankful for – family from both sides who get along. How cool is that?

As far as Thanksgiving is concerned, I’m looking forward to helping my mom and mother-in-law cook dinner. I think I may be making some kind of pie – I’ll let you know how it goes! Continue reading

Before and After: Dining Room

Goodness, TK and I had a fabulous and relaxing weekend and I feel ready to conquer the week! We probably should have done a little less movie-watching and a little more cleaning, but at this point I don’t really care. I know tomorrow is going to be crazy (the life of a journalist on Election Day) so I’m glad I got some relaxing in when I could.

A while ago I promised to show off some DIY projects I’ve been working on, so today I wanted to show you all my wonderful dining room decor!

This is a project I envisioned a long time ago. I wanted to put up a map with pins at various locations TK and I have visited. Then, I wanted photos around the map showing different memories at the different locations. Continue reading

September: new month, new goals

It’s September, a glorious month that starts out with a three-day weekend and will (hopefully) bring about cooler weather making it appropriate to wear long-sleeve T-shirts and eat soup all the time. Yes, I love warm weather, but I’m kind of sick of it right now. Bring on the brrr!!

The past few months have been up and down as far as goals I set for myself. At one point I was running (well, walking/jogging) three times a week, eating better and taking time to read and continue learning new things. Then I stopped. No reason, just got busy and went into a funk where I’d rather eat ice cream than go for a run/jog/walk. Then TK and I were working out together and he was encouraging me to read and learn new things. Then I would do well and before I knew it I was watching endless streams of random Netflix shows eating more ice cream (are we sensing a pattern here?)

But it’s a new month, new season and another chance to get back on track! To make it easier for myself I have set out some goals for September: Continue reading

Ch, ch, ch, ch, changes

While in school, my friends and I observed an odd trend among newlywed women – the wife haircut. For some reason we noticed a lot of women chopped of their long locks they had spent months growing out for the perfect wedding hairstyle. Maybe post-wedding long hair was too much for them. Soon I too found I wanted to change, but I didn’t want to get rid of my length. So – bangs happened!



Yay! I really like the change and I think it’s a lot of fun. I’d like to defend myself a bit and say the day TK took this head shot of my new bangs it was about 100 degrees outside and I had already started, uh, glistening in the sun, so my bangs started to curl right as we took the photos.

Anyway, just a fun post to show what’s going on in our lives. I’d also like to say that Sunday is my favorite day of the week. TK and I are both off so we get to spend the whole day together! We usually sleep in and go to a later service at church, and yesterday we went to Barnes and Noble, the mall and this really cool electronics story throughout the day. We also had a nice dinner out. Too bad Monday means work starts up again!

Karla + Taylor

Well, I’ve been crazy busy this month. Like, whoa. I worked three Saturdays in a row (not really a big deal but it turned my five-day work week into a six-day work week with a slightly shorter day later on), started the name-changing process to officially become a “Spencer,” wrote some really neat stories for the paper, shot a video for the paper and shot a wedding with my husband this past weekend.

The beautiful rings!

The wedding was of our friends Karla and Taylor. TK and Taylor grew up together and are part of the same crazy group of friends I simply refer to as “the guys.” They are the most fun and caring group of people I’ve met and they make any gathering – including weddings – a blast.

Since I haven’t been great about updating lately, I’ll go ahead and give you some samples of this wedding. Again, very fun! TK and I haven’t shot a wedding since August so we had to practice last week a bit. Continue reading

Kicking Aunt Sallie out!

Our invaluable budgeting guide from Dave Ramsey's "Financial Peace University."

I don’t have an Aunt Sallie, but I do have a thorn in my side called Sallie Mae that TK and I are working to kick out of our home.

Yesterday was May 1 and in our household that means budget day, the wonderful day where we take on the glorious task of deciding where all our money for the month is going before we even get it. It’s a relatively new concept for me (and TK for that matter), but it’s actually kind of nice knowing “No, I don’t have the money to eat out for lunch today,” or “Yes, I have money in the clothes budget to get a new pair of jeans.” Continue reading