Quinoa Caprese Salad

Tomorrow I’m running my first 5K. Eeek!! I’m really nervous even though it is not a timed race. I am not as prepared as I’d like to be, but we’ll see what will happen.

After running a couple miles yesterday in preparation for Saturday, I wanted something healthy, delicious and fresh to munch on. I’ve had a bag of quinoa in the pantry for a while and finally had a chance to use it.

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Goals: 2013

Happy New Year, friends!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

TK and I spent New Year’s Eve evening with some friends playing games and eating an array of delicious food. Good start? Yes, I’d say so. Unfortunately, yesterday was not a joyous start of 2013 after I had to take sweet little Kora to the emergency vet after her (soon to be former) vet overloaded her on unnecessary vaccines (Side Note: I highly suggest avoiding Banfield Vet Hospitals).

Now that Kora’s back to normal and life has continued moving with 2013, I guess it’s time to make some goals. I always hesitate making “resolutions” because I tend to be too legalistic with such things and then fall flat on my face when I make unrealistic expectations. A few years ago I did make it a goal to cut out all soda products and I have kept that one for a while now (I may have had a ginger ale on a plane trip this year, but that’s pretty much it).

This year I am going to make a few realistic goals that I can keep up with throughout the year. Then, in about 363 days I’ll look back and see how I did!

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September: new month, new goals

It’s September, a glorious month that starts out with a three-day weekend and will (hopefully) bring about cooler weather making it appropriate to wear long-sleeve T-shirts and eat soup all the time. Yes, I love warm weather, but I’m kind of sick of it right now. Bring on the brrr!!

The past few months have been up and down as far as goals I set for myself. At one point I was running (well, walking/jogging) three times a week, eating better and taking time to read and continue learning new things. Then I stopped. No reason, just got busy and went into a funk where I’d rather eat ice cream than go for a run/jog/walk. Then TK and I were working out together and he was encouraging me to read and learn new things. Then I would do well and before I knew it I was watching endless streams of random Netflix shows eating more ice cream (are we sensing a pattern here?)

But it’s a new month, new season and another chance to get back on track! To make it easier for myself I have set out some goals for September: Continue reading