Before and After: Dining Room

Goodness, TK and I had a fabulous and relaxing weekend and I feel ready to conquer the week! We probably should have done a little less movie-watching and a little more cleaning, but at this point I don’t really care. I know tomorrow is going to be crazy (the life of a journalist on Election Day) so I’m glad I got some relaxing in when I could.

A while ago I promised to show off some DIY projects I’ve been working on, so today I wanted to show you all my wonderful dining room decor!

This is a project I envisioned a long time ago. I wanted to put up a map with pins at various locations TK and I have visited. Then, I wanted photos around the map showing different memories at the different locations.

All sorts of memories on that map!

TK and I had a blast doing this together. We picked out photos and took turns pinning them up, connecting the locations to the memories with a piece of string. It took a while but I think it turned out to be a fantastic addition to our little apartment.

One great thing about this project is having a visual representation of how blessed we’ve been to meet so many people in so many different places. A lot of that traveling happened while on staff with World Changers and Power Plant, and we are so thankful for all those relationships.

One Georgia pin leads to a photo of TK proposing courtesy of Susan Whitley!

Right now the map is a combination of places TK has been, places I have been and places we’ve been together, but it will hopefully evolve into a complete map of places we’ve traveled to together. Maybe we’ll even expand to a world map someday!

How do you display your memories?

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